Case Studies

C.I.T.B and J.B.R Apprentice Work

The aim of the extensive course is to enable JBR’s workforce to develop confidence and Self Esteem, which would help them to become more productive while contributing positively to the workforce.

It is also to set clear, challenging – yet achievable goals, which would help to boost confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. Learn self-help techniques to support personal growth and well being. This will enable Students to be more confident in their work practice and to use their initiative. Our last aim for this course is to help students self-reflect to understand themselves and others, enabling them to deal with any challenging situations. Through this program, students would learn how to deal effectively with clients. Team building and co-operation would be encouraged and the recognition that each individual has great personal skills which can be used as a whole to make the work practice flow easily and effectively for a good quality and high standard job.