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Narcissistic Personalities
and Empaths

Narcissist – a self-absorbed personality

What to look out for

  1. Little or no compassion or empathy, for others and what their views are and how they feel.
  2. They can express an air of superiority over you and try to make you feel inadequate.
  3. They can have anger issues especially when you try to assert yourself.
  4. Can often find themselves on the wrong side of the law.
  5. They can be compulsive liars.
  6. Play mind games to let you think you are forgetful.
  7. Blame everyone around them when things go wrong.

What can you do to help yourself deal with narcissists?

  1. Be aware that the narcissist personality does not believe they have a problem.
  2. They very rarely seek help and you can’t help them.
  3. Their needs come first so make your needs a priority.
  4. Changes your focus from trying to help them to helping yourself.
  5. Don’t believe the negative things they say about you it’s their way of expressing themselves, it is not personal to you it’s their personality
  6. Find things of interest for you to do outside the relationship, new classes or hobby, keep your friends.
  7. Try to let them know how their behaviour makes you feel don’t look for them to understand your feelings or care about you.

Empaths and their traits. Are you an empath?

Empaths – Someone who absorbs the feelings of others around them. Traits of an empath.

  1. Easily overwhelmed.
  2. They have strong Intuition.
  3. Dislike of conflict.
  4. They can have boundary issues.
  5. Easily overloaded by other people’s emotional problems.
  6. Deeply caring individuals.
  7. Great listeners.

What can you do to help yourself deal with narcissists?

  1. Set up proper boundaries.
  2. Always listen to your intuition.
  3. Explore your dislike of conflict.
  4. Make some time for yourself every day.
  5. Protect your energy and find ways to explore this Through meditation, yoga or listening to music
  6. Deeply care about your own feelings before others.
  7. Listen to how your body feels when listening to someone and have time boundaries in place.

How can I help you?

  • By motivating you using science of the mind techniques that relate to body and mind being one.
  • By helping you build coping strategies when your confidence hits a low point.
  • By keeping you accountable for your progress which can be achieved by practice and commitment to your growth and healthier outlook.
  • By knowing that I have great experience and knowledge of a narcissistic personality.

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